Juugoya (Night of the Full Moon) is the true form of Garouken, and the final phase of the chain combo created through each stage. After slamming the opponent as high into the air as possible with a barrage of the earlier attacks, the user hangs still in the air above the enemy. Then, charging up all ki into one hand and carving it open for the required blood sacrifice; he kicks the enemy down, and falls down himself afterwards. Speeding up at an incredible rate, the user reaches the ground before the enemy does, pushes off again, and sails up once more, flames surging around the clawed hand, blood rushing out, the howling of wolves heard through the surge of energy as the user slams his hand into the enemy's lower back, the power sufficient to cut through, shredding bone and flesh. The user himself will fall down as well after that, robbed of all his energy and suffering from severe blood loss.

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