Kōsatsuki: Taimichi


交差突き: 対の道


Cross Stab: Twin Roads

A variant of Kōsatsuki, Kōsatsuki: Taimichi was a technique where user strikes an opponent with both of his hands instead of attack alternations. However, there was a catch. One strike had very little force while the other was the exact opposite. Since user used both hands to attack, the opponent is forced to determine which hand is the decoy in seconds lest they face the full, unrelenting assault. Also, user's enhanced speed and strength only served to increase the severity of the blows, causing much more anxiety when anticipated. Kōsatsuki: Taimichi is only used when in extreme close quarters, since the chance of success is excessively high. But the technique suffers from a small hit range when compared to others. Generally speaking, technique relies on simple misdirection and trickery. Close observation of the hands and eyes are a futile effort, mainly because user indicates it through the movement of his opposite foot, a feat he performs before he is well within range.

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