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Leader of the Kiryuudo, an immortal spirit who's been transferring from host to host for the last millennium, and he plans for his latest host to be the current heir to the Fuyuki clans lover.


Kabuto’s true form is that of a human heart with a black jewel fused in the middle.


Kabuto possess over centuries of knowledge. Kabuto is an expert in the field of Shamanism. Before his decent into madness Kabato was known as a great, mysterious, and benevolent leader who doted on the Kiryuudo. He was very affable with the Maryudo, working together with them for the betterment of the Shikizoku. In his pursuit of power he mastered not only the Resurrección that the Shikizoku were famous for but all aspects of Shaminism. As some point evil began to rise from the kindness in his heart. Kabato believes that death is what human beings fear the most. Sure it’s definitely when they’re on death’s doorstep that man turns to spirituality. All religions were created with the goal of overcoming one’s fear of death. And that’s precisely his goal by overcoming this fear of death he can become man without any weaknesses and reach perfection. It is said that when the Shikizoku fell he cried blood, an allusion to the idea that he had lost so much (literally and emotionally) that there was nothing left inside spiritually.


It was Kabuto that fueled the rage and jealousy the Kiryuudo had for the Maryudo. When the Kiryuudo finally staged their cui Kabuto proved quite vicious on the battlefield, leaving a path of broken persons and terrain in his wake. Laughing as blood rained down around him. His arrogance proved his undoing however when he Maryudo leader in battle Kabuto left himself open during a critical moment and received a killing blow. Unfortunately Kabuto revealed an until unknown form of Resurrección the Resurrección: Segunda Etapa. Using this new form which eventually became known as the Chimera Heart Kabuto took control of the Maryudo leader’s body. He has been ruling the Kiryuudo from the shadows ever since.

Though they were able to hide for centuries the Kiryuudo eventually found the surviving Maryudo though this time they were ready. Though the battle was utterly one sided the Maryudo were able to escape with the Chimera Heart after severing Kabuto’s soul from it significantly crippling the Kiryuudo’s power. Sadly though considerably weakened Kabuto was able to prevent him soul from passing on.


Kabuto's deceptive nature is equaled only by his immense intellect. As an incredibly ancient being, he possesses an almost otherworldly knowledge and perception. This vast intellect extends from mere intellectual pursuits to his cunning and tactical acumen in the field of battle. He is a masterful trickster, masking his intent through veiled lies and half-truths, decieving his opponent with knowledge of their own abilites that they didnt even possesses. Amongst the Kiryuudo he is also prized for his incredible intellect and his ability to discern the movements of their enemies and allies. He demonstrates an unusual level of calm and analytical ability to discern the very basis of his opponents abilities, yet such knowledge isnt revealed until he has at last delievered the final blow! Kabuto's strategy and tactics appear wildly complex, that such gambits would otherwise fail in normal situations, but at other times are so ridiculously simple, that one would couldnt believe that such a man is hailed as a genius. In the end, whatever his scheme, tactic or goal, his objectives inevitably end up fulfilled, only hint at the depths of Kabuto's strategic and tactical abilities.


One of his most well known or perhaps even least known depending on whose whim, is his ability to manipulate those around him. None are entirely sure whose side he's really on. He has repeatedly manipulated those around him, even when they believe that he's the one being manipulated, and is known to have not just plots-within-plots, but additional plots going on around him. Some are there just for his amusement, while others have unknown long term benefits that so far, few have been able to discern.


Taught at a young age to harness his Kiryuudo, which was further improved upon his time clan leader prior to the destruction of the Shikizoku. Kabuto is one of the few practitioners to possesses the ancient secrets and lore of shamanism. The knowledge and enlightenment brought forth by years of study and research grants him unparalleled insights into the inner workings of the Akashic field. First and foremost is the immense knowledge, and understanding of the flow of Akashic energy; both intellectually and intuitively. His breadth of experience and ability to discern the flow of this energy as it changes from one form to the next, how it is aligned, when it aligns, and in what conditions its alignment or flow will change grant him the ability to act on this knowledge to manipulate, even change the flow entirely. In regards to his magical abilities, knowing how to channel one's energy and to understand its flow is paramount, and he is a master of it. He is able to discern not only how the energy is flowing and its unique qualities, but change it as he see's fit. This allows him to alter the very framework of his spells, not just their effect, but their shape and form, their very manifestation. By changing or redirecting this flow he is able to transmute one element into the next, change its properties, add properties to them, remove properties, combine and disassemble spells as they are cast, after they have been cast! The true extent of his magic is such that he is capable of warping and bending the laws of the universe itself according to his will.

This allowed him to master not only all of the abilities of the Kiryuudo but then the Maryudo as well a complete and unprecedented master of Resurrección. Not only did he gain the Beastiale Trasformazione but was able to push that even furture and gained the Resurrección: Segunda Etapa. Once this was acomplished Kabuto left the limitations of the human form and became what will eventually be known as the as the Chimera’s Heart. Kabuto’s Resurrección: Segunda Etapa form is a living Conduit of the Red providing him unlimited access to all animals in the universe regardless of origin, making him one of the most powerful beings to ever exist.


Because of this power, Kabuto possesses an unending amount of energy and life force. Yet it lacks the intensity and overwhelming pressure normally associated with power of this level.


When released, its almost as if a deep void has descended upon those around him, seemingly masking the presence of other spiritual beings within its area. Like the man himself his spiritual power is extremely deceptive in its nature, the only hint of its exertion being just a prickling at the back of one's skull. Rather than affecting the environment, his ki tends to wrap itself around the minds and wills of others in the vicinity. As it sinks into their minds, some have found themselves more friendly to him, and by extension, easier to manipulate. The environment itself beckons to his whim, as though it eagerly awaits his command with rapt attention. Its very nature and texture is difficult to discern, as it constantly flows from one axis to the next; supreme goodness and righteousness, to abhorrent evil and malicious intent, it is a chaotic power that changes and adapts at its own whim.


As the Chimera’s Heart is the new vessel for his soul by placing it into a new body Kabuto can transfer his soul into that body gaining its abilities and powers. This is called “Transmigration" Possession. While this usually requires that the soul of the new body has already passed on his incredible power allows him to override host's control.


It was the hope of the Maryudo that by sealing Kabuto’s soul from the Heart of be his undoing. However they were unaware that Kabuto had learned to sustain himself by absorbing the souls and life force of others preventing him from passing on. Fortunately the amount of life force needed to resurrect himself using just this process is enormous. Unfortunately Kabuto had a ready supply of souls available the entire Kiryuudo.


Kabuto has only two weaknesses the first is his complete and utter arrogance in his on abilities. While the second is his fear of death which is the driving point of his every action.

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