Kagayaku Taiyō




Shining Sun

By rapidly ionizing and releasing energy in between the palm of his hands, user forms a large sphere of explosive energy that will then spiral as he begins channeling even more spiritual energy into it causing the sphere to heat up even further. While it is spinning, the heated sphere will begin to produce a large quantity of steam that will mask user's presence from the enemy. Once it is completely formed, he is then able to throw the sphere of energy at an opponent or ram it into their body to cause more extensive damage. Due to this technique's explosive and spinning properties, it bears a drilling effect that can pierce through other techniques. The power of this technique is enough to leave a large crater in the ground or even leave a hole in the opponent's torso if they do not try to defend themselves from this attack. If one does not completely guard against this attack, they will find a majority of their body mutilated due to the fact that, despite the technique's size, it possesses as much explosive force as several tons of TNT. 

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