Kage Buyou


Shadow Dance

This technique essentially projects the weakness of Seitō Hakari onto opponent.


Kage Buyou is a Shadow technique that is said  to be able to defeat the opponent with their own power. It is based on the Art of War’s “Go No Sen” which means to react to an attack before it actually happens. By linking rhythms and capturing opponent’s flow it is like user has become their shadow their “senses” are linked, their “breathing is linked, all is synched through their consciousness. It’s a pure connection of their heart and soul. Once this level of connection is achieved user is able to reflect the enemy back at themselves linking their pain to the opponent. Thus by hurting user opponent is hurting themselves.

Kage Buyou requires user to maintain a calm mind and heart as they establish contact with opponent. As they are essentially forced to do nothing against opponents assault as they project their own shadow, their own strength, their own doubts, their own fears on to them. But due to this that doubt and hesitation will fill the opponent’s fists. By becoming opponent’s shadow, user gets the spirit to keep standing up and keep facing them. The only rule is that their heart doesn’t break before they reach their goal. For if they do capturing opponent’s shadow is impossible.

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