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Kaito Wanijima, also known as the "Shinjuku Crocodile" is the leader of the Minkei, a special S.W.A.T. team that was

created specifically for hunting down and arresting meta-human criminals and powerful martial artist.

Appearance Edit

Kaito is a tall middle-aged man with long white hair down to his lower back and lets it roam freely. He usually wears a simple A-shirt and baggy pants with a gun in the side. He's usually seen smoking. By his own admission, he states he's over 30.

Personality Edit

Kaito is very ruthless, apathetic, serious, and a forceful man when it comes to his job. He usually forced his subordinates to do as they were told and didn't care about the people that he hurt. He is very serious when it comes to his job, but tends to be cocky and underestimates others (it doesn’t help that he gives unflattering nicknames to almost everyone he meets, e.g “monkey tainer” Shido Fuyuki and “thread spool” Kazuki Fuuchouin). He doesn't seem too ruthless, as he uses rubber bullets when shooting most the time so others don't get killed (though that won't stop him from shooting others regardless). However deep down, Kaito has shown that he's not a man without compassion.

He's also a chain-smoker, that no matter where Kaito is, he's always seen smoking and his favorite brand is Marlboro.

History Edit

Years was an undercover cop who infiltrated Fuuga to find information. However he ended up becoming close with the other members to the point that he was able to convince Kazuki into becoming an annaiya. They meet again during Divine Design arc as he was the one who was initially on the case of Kami no Kijitsu he sent the children’s parents to the SNDF. Keito took over the leadership of the SNDF from Commander Daizo Uehara afterwards.

Abilities Edit

Kaito is an expert sharpshooter and firearms specialist. Whether armed with a bolt-action rifle, sniper rifle, pistol or even two handguns at once, he is shown to be extremely proficient in their use. A true professional, Hawkeye is able to disassemble, properly clean and reassemble a standard issue firearm in record time and rarely goes into battle with fewer than two loaded firearms on her person. Using his left, weaker hand, he was able to finish off a round of practice in 70 seconds. He has commented that reloading a pistol in two seconds with just one hand and his teeth is too slow, even though he was just testing the guns. Thanks to the training he received while in Fuuga and has kept up since then he is an able bodied combatant. While no where near the level of a meta martial artist he has been described as able to match your average Nerima citizen. Additionally, he is quite skilled in combat tactics and covert operations. Keito also displayed enough skill to drive a Saleen S7, among other cool cars, seemingly without issues.

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