Kakeru Doumoto


The Five Archangels, Lucifer's Group

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14 November

Kakeru Doumoto, also known as Sariel is a fictional character in the Fanfic Minkei. He's one of the five fallen archangels chosen by Lucifer and the Divine Design.


Sariel or Kakeru whitnessed the suicide of his mother at a very young age. One week later, he was adopted by his uncle and his family, being now his dad. He lived happily with his new family but never forgot the last image of his mom's death. As he became a teenager, he received a call from the hospital telling him that his brother/cousin Osamu has passed. There, his mom shouts that she would rather prefer Sariel to die instead of her biological son. Sariel leaves the place and didn't drop a single tear. His life continued to be normal, warm food and family until one day he met Lucifer at his school and asks him what he really wanted.


Illusion ManipulationEdit

Casting Illusion: Sariel is able to cast illusions against his enemies.

Divine Design CardsEdit

Repulse: As one of the five archangels, his card is one of the most powerfull of all. Thanks to his card of the archangel Sariel, Kakeru is unaffected by illusionary attacks; but can't work if Sariel turns into his human nature (Kakeru) because of any doubts.

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