Kana Kanade


Vice-Captain's Aide (self-proclaimed)



Combat Rank



Sonic Attacks, Auditory Tricks, Flight

Transformation Class


Ethical Disposition

Largely protective and self-centered. Kana goes out of her way not to antagonize or infringe upon others, owing to her shyness, but when she or her interests are threatened, she can be quite vengeful, and cares little for judgments of right or wrong.

Another one who joined at Ranma's request, nearly all of Kana's actions are motivated by her crush on Ranma. Kana suffers from extreme shyness which she claims is a defense mechanism from growing up while being a target, and as a result has great difficulty speaking normally despite being a siren. Whenever she is not subject to anyone's direct attention, is very familiar with those around her, or is simply very happy, perturbed, or enraged, she instantly overcomes this obstacle, unleashing her powers to their fullest potential. Ranma is her closest companion, as the pigtailed boy has taken to keeping close enough to hear what she says so that he can tell others when necessary.

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