Kanakirigoe (金切り声, Piercing Cry) is simple technique with great versatility, as it can be used both in peaceful and offensive applications. Kanakirigoe had great potency, able to easily pacify or slay lesser beings with a single use. It revolved around the manipulation of the lungs, throat, and vocal chords to produce a deafening sonic scream. The sonic scream produced several varying effects such as temporarily deafening the target through the constant reverberations of sound, stun through a tight-frequency blast, disorientate/nauseate, and render a target unconscious. However is user choses to do so they could pop the eardrums of their target or generate a sonic blast that could strike with a tremendous amount of concussive force, which could possibly even liquefy and disintegrate the target, depending on the amount of power placed into it.

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