Full Manifest(ation)

This technique works on the principle that the more one uses a tool the greater their capabilities raise. All forms of matter are just patterns of energy, some set into frames held in place by a careful balance of opposing forces, the yin and yang of existence. They existed independent of ones awareness, and yet are far more than they appear. This technique allows one to look beyond their frame, and look deep into themselves to see the complex network of energy matrices and force lines that filled the air like waves of heat or magnetism. This allows them to manipulate that energy and boost it with their own allowing for a variety of effects. Such as manipulating the energy of asphalt, and increasing its elasticity to help user jump higher or as using a drink's energy to have it help them drink it. Skilled users can even support their legs and stand on water, and if their used to and have good compatibility with a tool they can even change its form.

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