Karen Molsk






Sorceress/Commando (Rank: Colonel)


Neutral Good


Ranma, combat, training, reading, political and military theory, fish


Bigotry, unnecessary death, wasteful sacrifice, fire


Although issued a standard 20mm. Boa with mithril-tipped rounds, she rarely uses it, relying almost entirely upon her magic powers

Fighting Style

Judo and some basic Karate

Combat Abilities

ery high. A brilliant tactical leader with very potent magic, and the know-how to use it effectively. Karen's ice magic can reduce an unprepared enemy force of hundreds into so many frozen blood puddles under the right conditions. Unfortunately for her, these conditions don't always occur, as a traditional mage of the same power level can usually counter her magic without difficulty.


Spell Programs (emphasis: Ice): A number of spells that can be activated at will for combat purposes, these spells range from Ice battle magic to defensive shields and healing to indirect scouting and trap placement. Karen specializes almost exclusively in battle magic.

Orphaned from the Death March and converted via cybernetic means into a sorceress, Karen was Ranma's childhood friend, his first crush, and his first, period (wink wink, nudge nudge). Although their relationship is something of an awkward friends-with-benefits arrangement, it's obvious that the military super-soldier would like a more substantive relationship. Unfortunately, between Ranma's wanderings and her military duties, it hardly seems possible. A brilliant leader and an even better combat soldier, Karen distinguished herself and quickly advanced through the ranks during the desperate times of the Death March, where human armies were usually torn apart and experienced leaders were scarce. There are rumors that there are other reasons that the young woman made Colonel at age 19 that had more to do with her beauty and her interactions with her superiors, but such rumors have no merit and have led to many men becoming life-size popsicles.

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