Black God - v05 - 040-041

He is quite small, standing at around five feet tall. He is also quite old, having a long gray beard that seemed to touch the ground.


Katashi is an iincredibly vulgar individual cursing and insulting his opponents at the littlest provocation. Despite his brutal nature he is a very cunning and skilled ninja. The unique nature of his seal has taken away his vocal cords forcing him to learn sign language.

yomi no kuni seal

A powerful seal that allows the user to come back to life after being killed granting them immortality. Upon death the spirit is halted from traveling to the realms of the dead and is instead anchored allowed to locate its
Black God - v07 - 078
body and be revived. However, this does not prevent the users to this world becoming a ghost-like apparition making conventional weapons useless against them. Since the ninja no longer has a body they no longer have vocal cords which prevent them from communicating. The biggest weakness of this seal is the apparitions’ weakness to chakra. The powers gained from this ability are for the most part defense. All offensive powers are passive in nature.


The old man is completely intangible, able pass through anything like that of a ghost. He moves quickly and constantly usinge trees as cover, passing through them whenever opponent attacks old he has incredible sense of evasion, utilizing his surroundings perfectly, even allowing himself to disappear into the ground when there are no nearby trees for cover.


When invisible, Katashi cannot be seen by human eyes nor scanning devices. Invisibility and intangibility work in similar ways, as they both seem to be triggered by Katashi’s will and thus work well together. It is quite common for Katashi to make only a part of his body invisible as well. Katashi can also make other people and objects invisible--provided that he is in physical contact with them. .

Ecto-Physical Mass Manipulation

Katashi has demonstrated the power to change the shape of his body into various shapes for both attack and defense.

Absorption Seal

After forming the hand and tiger seals on each hand the ninja is forcibly extracts opponents chakra into their body causing it to dissipate into the in to the environment. This jutsu can be performed with only one hand but at a much slower rate.


This allows ninja to find, sense, and track individuals through their chakra over vast range that exceeds ten kilometers. This is done by focusing and opening the mind's eye. The ability extends to telling when a person is lying from the fluctuations in a person's chakra made from dishonest emotions or detecting if someone, including them, is under a genjutsu. Also by focusing on a particular chakra they can perceive its location and movement with great detail. This allows Katashi to determine which techniques contain chakra and which don’t.

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