Katrina Cloud







Planet of Origin


Combat Abilities

Excellent. Trained in low-level Jedi combat techniques and moderately skilled with a lightsaber, Katrina possesses speed and reflexes difficult to match.

Technical/Other Abilities

Nothing in particular, with the possible exception of seduction.

A skilled bounty hunter that's been on the trail of the top bounties in the sector, Katrina has searched long and hard to confront Ranma Saotome and bring him to justice for the sake of her wallet. A former student of Luke Skywalker's Jedi training school, she was ejected before completion due to her inability to control her emotions. So, taking what skills she had already gained, and free of the constraints that come with being a Jedi, she took up the life of a bounty hunter. Unfortunately, after failing (miserably) to defeat Ranma, she now finds herself stuck on his ship. quite ironically, her target is the only one willing to trust her in this new complication.

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