Kaze Toren






Wizard/Cleric (Rank: Avatar)


True Neutral (with Lawful Good tendencies)


Money, adventure, gambling, women, fighting evil, human technology, magic, books


Authority, slavery, elves, discrimination (he is aware of the irony), outdated traditions and concepts


Eye of Malakai, spell talismans

Fighting Style

Limited study in an inferior class of martial arts called Sahma (as unarmed combat against most demonic breeds is usually considered suicide, very few such schools exist outside Earth Realm)

Combat Abilities

Reasonably high, with an emphasis on tactical abilities. With ample time to prepare, Kaze is capable of anything from laying magical traps to summoning a small force of weak, expendable elemental soldiers. Psychic abilities also enable him to detect enemies, some traps, and even deceit. In close combat, however, Kaze remains average.


Talisman Magic: A school of magic in which spells are prepared ahead of time by binding them to runes drawn on slips of paper, which are then thrown at or slapped onto the target during combat. These spell talismans can be very potent, and do not drain the spellcaster or take excessive concentration and incantation. The disadvantage is that talismans are suited to fighting a few foes at short range, and are poor against many foes at longer range, where intense concentration is required to get the talismans to their targets.

Light Magic (Combat emphasis): Standard combat magic that utilizes light elemental properties, this school is most notable for projecting arrows and lances of force, as well as projecting extremely formidable protective barriers.

Clerical Magic (Malakai): Magic granted through worship to the ancient Malakai. This magic has much overlap with the light magic school, but its emphasis is undeniably combat-related. Many spells of this type actually cause damage based on how "evil" the target's soul is, and philosophical questions aside, they are indisputably powerful when used against the guilty, and nearly useless against the innocent and just. This magic is significantly enhanced by the Eye of Malakai.

Psychic Powers: Kaze is an accomplished psychic, and though he can't read minds, he can detect emotions, send messages telepathically, sense lies, and use telekinesis.

A miscreant priest turned avatar, Kaze's life was all set for him to be dragged kicking and screaming into a life of simple devotion, affluence, and peaceful luxury serving as one of the Order of Malakai's archbishops. That plan was severely derailed when Kaze surprised everybody and ended up becoming the fourth avatar of Malakai. Always having an appreciation for adventure, Kaze gladly seeks out danger and trouble, and to his credit, he usually does more good than harm when he finds it. He very much enjoys the darker sides of adventuring, however, and indulges in gambling, drinking, pointless violence, and lechery as much as the next wanderer (as long as that wanderer isn't Ranma). He gets along surprisingly well with Rayden, as both men are willing to put aside their conflicting religious views and bad-mouth the elves. Very prone to profiteering and manipulation, any business venture of Kaze's is likely to tread very close to the boundaries of law.

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