Keith Black is the calculating big brother and leader of the Keiths


He was the first clone created by Samuel Tillinghast and upon gaining sentience, named himself Zero. Zero became the first successful ARMS implant of the Keith series, thus earning him the name "Black". After killing Samuel, former head of XCOM, he takes the lead as the second head of XCOM. He is second only to the mysterious and unseen Alice. Keith has a master plan known only to himself, and he needs Jabberwock's full power to complete it. But is he trying to conquer the world, or destroy it?

It turns out that the Humpty Dumpty ARMS absorbed Samuel Tillinghast’s essence as per its ability. This left Samuel deep within Keith Black's psyche waiting for his plan to come to fruit and manipulating events from the sidelines.  His ultimate goal is to awaken the Jabberwock Program to create a giant version of Jabberwock to destroy Earth. Keith White (as he had named himself) intended to merge with this entity and become he god of Earth following its destruction.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

His powers are the ability to copy the abilities of any ARMS he comes into contact with. He showed that he had copied the abilities of both Keith Violet and Silver and in the process of fatally wounding Keith Green, gained his powers as well. But despite his considerable skills with all his abilities and his general combat prowess, Ryo proved to have the advantage in their fight as he had evolved countermeasures and devised strategies against most of Black's abilities at this point. The only weapon his ARMS has been shown using is a weapon that resembles a mix of a lance and a sword.

Also, what may be his ultimate form was shown as a silhouette of a hulking humanoid.

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