Keith Violet is the only female clone of the Keith series, and is beautiful, smart, and amazingly powerful.


Keith Violet was a female clone of the Keith Series who were created by XCOM through the use of genetic material from the donor Samuel Tillinghast. Unlike her fellow clones, she was the only female member of the group and would be bullied by the others for this difference. At one point she went to one of the rouge psychics who was noted for having the power of precognition. She desperately asked the woman whether she had a soul as she questioned her own existence due to being a clone.

The four original ARMS children first encountered Violet when she and the other Keith Series arrived to witness the defeat of Keith Red and his Redcap army. At the time, they had Ryo Saotome's love interest Belldandy who was believed to have died but was actually saved by XCOM. They later departed in their helicopter and thus dared the ARMS children to follow them to America.


Personality and attributesEdit

Keith Violet is very different from her brothers, initially neither a friend nor an enemy of the ARMS teens but an interested observer, though she later sides with the original ARMSs. Similar to the other Keith Series, Violet was programmed with a directive as per Alice's will to minimize destruction. She felt she had a compulsion to obey such commands even if she disagreed with them.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Though appearing human, Keith Violet had an ARMS implanted in her allowing her abilities beyond a normal human. The height of this power was to transform into a superpowered form known as the March Hare. In this form, her crystalline reflective appearance allowed her to be a living optical amplifier that gave her the ability to control light. This was even further enhanced by her seeding the air with Meld particles based on her crystalline structure that could be coated in the air of her battlefield. Such a technique act similar to fiber optic filaments allowing her to redirect, amplify and focus light into firing lasers whose paths could not be predicted. This ability was referred to as the Evil Eye of Balor after the Celtic deity. The only warning sign of an attack was a distortion in the air as the Meld particles prepared to fire their energy blast. Her light manipulation powers were not restricted to offensive attacks as she could also use them to create realistic holograms of both people and the environment.


Keith Violet prefers to be called "Violet", to indicate her gender. Keith Violet was also chosen by Keith Black to be one of his higher-ranking officers in XCOM.

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