Assistant Intelligence Officer


Spider Monster

Combat Rank



Infiltration, Support, Sarcasm

Transformation Class


Ethical Disposition

Keito tilts the ethical compass directly on its head. Corrupt and twisted, she despises the new direction that the Protection Committee has taken and hates Tsukune for constantly restraining her actions with his moral codes. Keito knows, however, that she can't indulge her vices or sadistic nature openly for fear of being either removed from her position of power and privilege, or being literally destroyed by the significantly stronger members of the Committee who seem inexplicably loyal to Tsukune.

A holdover from the last Protection Committee who stayed on thanks to her skill at lying and the fact that NOBODY wanted to disappoint Tobaki. She obviously hates what Tsukune has done to the Committee, and hates having her power and privileges diminished as it has been, but she fears even more being ejected from the Committee and having to join the other former members, having no more authority than the average student and being an obvious target for the new Committee. She plans the usurpation of Tsukune's command and eventual return of Kuyo to his former post as captain, but is hampered by two harsh strategic obstacles: one, no one she wants to hurt trusts her enough to drop their guard around her, and two, the longer she stays with the new Protection Committee, the more she doubts it can ever be overcome by a group as incompetent as her former peers.

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