Ken "Snake" Yakata




Light Weapons Expert, Medium Weapons Expert, Heavy Weapons Expert, Assault Weapons Expert, Arms and Munitions, Demolitions Expert, Ballistics Support Commander, Artillery and Rocketry Expert, Combat Support and Command, Sniper Operations

Combat Ability

Considered EXTREMELY dangerous to anyone within a 200-meter radius, friend or foe. Engagements with Snake have proven lethal to 99% of all subjects, with a possible 1% margin of error.


Light brown



Personal Motto

"If it 'aint broke, switch to the depleted uranium rounds and keep at it."

The most infamous of the DAPC officers, Snake is known in many circles, government and criminal, as "The Destroyer". Having personally fired every weapon every mass-produced in the world (of which there are remaining, working models of, anyway), Snake is a weapons expert among weapons experts. His ruthlessly efficient combat techniques have accounted for 78% of the DAPC's enemy casualties in the past, and he continues to generate 80% of the DAPC's total collateral damage (encountering competition from Ranma Saotome).

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