Ken no Mi


Blade of Oneself

Ken no Mi also referred to as Strengthened Form (強化体, Kyōkatai) is the second technique developed by Seiji Higaki using Elementalization


Through the use of Elementalization when the metal skin alloy is combined with the metal element of Ki in the atmosphere the energy of the body is exchanged with the energy of metal causing the body’s cells to become closer to metal cells than animal cells, thus classifying the user as a "human blade" (人的刃, Jinteki Yaiba lit. Personal Blade) as a result.

However, the user's body remains the same, functioning like any other human body, with all the organs in place, with only a few minor changes. The most noticeable difference is that their body gains tremendous strength, endurance, and durability bordering on superhuman as trauma that would render even the most powerful of warrior’s unconscious or crippled is absorbed and dispersed. It is said that even a dragon couldn’t harm user. A real champion with a will of steel, skill of steel, and body of steel.

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