The Ki Jammer is an anti-mata martial arts technology. It is a device that dissolves an martial artist concentration in an attempt to weaken them.

Principles Edit

The technology works by dissolving a fighters concentration making it more difficult for them to utilize their ki. It’ll weaken the fighter a bit, but not enough to eliminate their power completely. However in these conditions it is also possible for it to cause an fighters attack to go out of control. Techniques that require intense skill and concentration are especially prone to this like Syncronization.

A peak human martial artist would end up just being injured, but it would be extremely dangerous if this happened to a meta martial artist. Such as if they lost control of a ki attack and it backfires on them. Indeed, the closer the proximity the fighter is to the machinery, the more painful it is to them. The pain described as that of a headache. Even peak human fighters like Robin can feel it if they are close enough.

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