Kijin Raishū Dan




Kijin Raishū Dan

Literal English

Fierce-God Assault Blast


Ranma 1/2

Uses in essence the action of flinging shutters, the user moves their hands so fast that they create near-vacuum slashes that jet through the air at near-sonic speeds and can strike an opponent at a considerable distance. The blades are sharp enough to slice through metal.

Vacuum Blades versus Chi BlastsEdit

Chi is based on the reaction of all things in the world. The vacuum blades are a small area of nothing. When the chi blast meets the vacuum blade, the fraction of nothingness causes it to fracture and dissipate.

Note Edit

The Morisenken variation of this technique revolves around using the fists rather than the flattened hand. Skilled users are able to alter the consistency and shape of their vacuum blades.

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