Traditional Healing: "Water and wind are fundamental to our survival and a vital piece of the world around us. Water sustains life, while the winds stop the air stagnating. Without either, we'd all die." By using the flow of water and wind in conjunction with the Kiseki no Hoho, the Onmyoji greatly boost their knowledge of healing allowing them to essentially heal anything short of death.

  • Offensive Use: Kiseki no Hōhō involves sheathing ones hands in spiritual energy, with said energy entering the body to heal internal afflictions. However, skilled Onmyoji are able to alter the flow of that spiritual energy, turning it from a means of saving ones life into the complete opposite: a means to destroy. When utilized alongside hand to hand combat, the Onmyoji's punches, chops and palm strikes all have the added effect of cutting the foe from within, due to the spiritual energy of the spell entering and cutting them internally, as opposed to healing. The internal injuries are caused by the threads of wind the Onmyoji adds, this time working to inflict wounds instead of aiding in their removal. With prolonged contact, the Onmyoji can kill with a touch.

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