Kiyama Harumi
Kiyama Harumi1

Name (Kanji)

木山 春生

Name (Romaji)

Kiyama Harumi







Kiyama Harumi (木山 春生, Kiyama Harumi?) is the greatest power in XCOM, progenitor of the ARMS and the unseen director of all the events surrounding the ARMS teens.


Most of her appearances depict her having short wavy brown hair and her most striking feature: bags under her eyes (which is the result of intense research). She was often seen in a white long-sleeved shirt and a brown pencil skirt and always wore a long white coat which scientists usually wear inside the laboratory.


Harumi acts too logically and lacks common sense, which is demonstrated when she stripped in front of others without thinking about it, a result of her years being a researcher. The bags under her eyes are a direct consequence of Harumi's intense dedication to her work as a researcher and the lack of sleep.

Originally, having difficulty with people, her experiences after becoming a researcher to the rouge Psychics allowed her to open up more in empathy to their plight. Although she is kind and considerate in people in general, she became disgusted upon discovering the lengths Samuel Tillinghast was willing to go for power and became, willing to make XCOM  her enemy going so far as to make use of Ra'leth.


As a researcher in XCOM, Harumi was part of a team that researched on the Luna Base. During her tenure with the project, Harumi was tasked to become more hands on with the Double-A’s. During her time as a caregiver she first thought of them as a nuisance, however she eventually formed a bond with them.

However, when the new regime started treating them less like subjects and more like guinea pigs, the monstrous treatments administered to the test subjects by Samuel Tillinghast shocked Harumi and after informing Nabiki Hibiki what was going on she attempted to use Ra'leth aid to try and escape with a number of double-A’s. This attempt failed, and she was mortally wounded and her full rage and hatred awakened, prompting Ra’leth to absorb and merge with her, thus creating the core of what would become the supercomputer Alice, XCOM's most powerful entity, and the four original ARMS cores, each one of them a piece of her thoughts and emotions.


Harumi has shown herself to be a true genius with phenomenal knowledge. She is a gifted neurologist having creating the Level Upper file that could change a person's brainwaves using a Neural network. As well as a gifted geneticist having created a unique breed of blue roses, named "Blue Wish", that she would give to the Double-A’s.


This character is a combination of Kiyama Harumi from Toaru Majutsu no Index and Alice from Project Arms.

Harumi would often read Alice in Wonderland to the rouge psychics which will be where the names come from.

Instead of having her be resurrected I’m aiming on having her be transferred into a Bioroid. 


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