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Kongou Banchou v01 c01 - 30-31


Indestructible substance

"At the sea for a thousand years, and at the mountains for a thousand years, breathing the wind and drinking pure water, he passed the training of a Sennin. Enduring it all, he gained the Life Return. Humans are able to, from the hair on their head to their intestines, their toes, even to their most minute hairs, to concentrate their senses and stretch them to their limits, making it possible to control every part of their bodies."

This technique allows user to control their own bodily functions. This can allow the user to control voluntarily bodily actions like heartbeat, breathing and digestion. One with this ability could use it to feign illness (he can reduce or raise the immune system), resist illness, and the like. This ability can also change the speed of the healing process and control the rate by which the body fights off illness, loses weight or metabolizes food (even the rate at which the lungs convert oxygen to carbon dioxide, and thus the length of time a person can hold his breath). Another faculty allows one to psychically “communicate” with one’s internal organs as they were separate entities; this can be used to “tell” them not to digest poisons, to speed up or slow down metabolism, reduce fatigue-inducing toxins in the body, increase muscular growth, and the like (this faculty is called Endopathy or Metabolic Empathy). When one has fully mastered this technique they become able to alter their DNA structure and body functions. The master of this ability can manipulate hair color/texture, skin color, height and weight (to an extent), facial features, physical age, gender and the like (even to the point of healing, regenerating, inducing or eradicating disease, shifting from one species to another). As such, use of nearly any physical ability can be derived from adept application of this ability.

'Techniques Revolving 'Indestructible substance


Arthrokinesis, also known as Joint Manipulation is the ability to mentally manipulate the joints in one's own body. This ability could be used to alter flexibility, alter joint strength in extremities, and control the movements of such, to imitate Bodily Possession.


Cardiokinesis or Heart/Cardiac Manipulation is the ability to mentally manipulate the functions of the heart, in one's own body. This ability could be used alter blood pressure, reduce anaerobic fatigue in muscles, and alter the speed at which blood is circulated through the body. Skilled users are able to alter the entire circulatory system (heart, veins, blood vessels and lymphatic system); this is referred to as Circulatory System Manipulation or Circulatory Manipulation; other times, the user can only alter the cardiovascular system (heart, veins and blood vessels; this is referred to as Cardiovascular System Manipulation or Cardiovascular Manipulation.

Kami Shibari

Hair Bind

Kami Shibari, also known as Gastrokinesis, Trichokinesis, Comakinesis or Hair Manipulation is the ability to manipulate hair on ones own body. They could control the growth, length, texture, width and strength of it (perhaps also making one’s hairs stiff, so they are sensitive to vibrations in the air, or even styling one’s hair at will).


Gastrokinesis, also known as Gastric Manipulation, Digestive Manipulation or Gastrointestinal Manipulation is the ability to mentally manipulate the functions of one’s own digestive system. This ability could be used to alter digestion efficiency, or manipulate the body's response to food, to keep from ingesting poisons or suffering the side effects of unhealthy foods.


Hemokinesis, also called Haemokinesis, Hematokinesis or Sanguine/Blood Manipulation is the ability to mentally control blood. The user can control its flow (to accelerate it, decelerate it, or even reverse it), control its regeneration, and control its coagulation (to heal wounds).


Myokinesis, also called Muscular Manipulation or Muscle Manipulation is the ability to mentally manipulate muscles, in one's own body. This can be used to alter muscle development, enhance muscles to proportions that induce Superhuman Strength.


Neurokinesis, also known as Neural Manipulation or Nerve Manipulation is the ability to mentally manipulate nerves and neural messages in one's own body. The user could alter sensation (such as altering the senses). Skilled users are able to alter the entire nervous system (nerves, spinal cord, brain, etc.); this is referred to as Nervous System Manipulation.


Osteokinesis, also called Osseokinesis, Ossiokinesis or Skeletal/Bone Manipulation is the ability to mentally manipulate bones in one's own body. One with this ability could alter bone density (from making bones hollow like a bird, to making them as hard as steel), bone flexibility and pliability and the rate of bone healing. The user can also make bones grow through the skin to form plates of armor.


Pneumakinesis, also known as Pulmokinesis, Pulmonary Manipulation, Respiration Manipulation, Respiratory Manipulation or Lung Manipulation is the ability to psychically manipulate one’s own lungs, breathing and respired gases. One with this ability can alter the time they can hold their breath, as well as what type of air they breathe.


Vitakinesis, also called Healing/Regeneration Manipulation is the ability to mentally manipulate the process of regeneration. One with this ability can alter his regeneration, or the regeneration of others, to speed up or slow down the rate of cellular repair.


When you lift weights for example, you are actually breaking the muscle fibers, which are then rebuilt

Kongou Banchou v05 c44 - 18
bigger and stronger. Zenkai greatly increases the potency of this ability when the user survives a near-death experience through extreme injury to the body when the body recuperates; the user grows much stronger than they were previously, their body adapting to compensate for the damage dealt.


Herculean Strength

User develops approximately 600 muscles with dense, flexible muscle fibers more than a dozen times the amount of a normal person and similarly the heart’s blood vessels are able to support incredible movement and metabolism. Thanks to this user’s power is like that of a machine. Muscle fibers and density become 10 times the density and flexibility of a normal human, in addition to that user gains tremendous movement ability and regeneration power. It’s been viewed around the world as power that exceeds human ability and is currently being researched.

Violent Mode

Ordinary people can only use 30% of their latent faculties they say it’s because a normal person’s body cannot handle using 100% of its power this technique is a forced increase is power so that it user can withstand it. Normal human beings adrenal medulla secretes large amounts of adrenalin in time of fear, rage, or stress, which hormonally stimulates the heart rate, increases blood-sugar levels, and inhibits

Kongou Banchou v06 c54 - 06
sensations of fatigue. This technique forces the secretion triggering a complex chemical-extra-physical process that completely removes all natural inhibitions of the body, resulting in 100% utilization of strength and stamina reserves. This transformation causes the skin to turn a deep, deep read as blood flow is forced up to some ridiculous level. In addition muscle mass is also heavily increases, but not enough however to weigh the user down and reduce mobility allowing them to retain their agility. However, due to the strain on user’s body, this technique cannot be maintained at maximum capacity for long as user will slowly weaken as their energy is quickly used up.

Double Hammer

User transfers a massive amount of their blood to the muscles in their arms giving them the strength and durability of steel. Due to the increased blood flow users arm turns red, user then intertwines the fingers of their hands and strikes with both hands together in a swinging motion, Face Crash

Very strong headbutt, strong enough to hammer opponents in the ground and cave it in. Flying Knee

User rams their knee into the opponent's body. Wild Trailer

Basically a lariat, like Double Hammer user transfers a massive amount of strength into their arm.

Meteo Drive

A somersault-suplex strong enough to cave in a large part of the ground upon impact.

Diamond Circular

A backhanded swing with user's hardened fist in a circular movement. After throwing the enemy in the air by violently punching them in the stomach, user turns on himself and hit the enemy in the face with his hard fist.

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