Konohanasakuya (木花之開耶): Named after the daughter of a mountain god, she represents "prosperity". As Shikigami, they are used primarily as a support, serving to augment the abilities of the other Shikigami as well as some of the Onmyoji’s abilities. Out of all of the Shikigami they possesses the greatest magical abilities.

  • Juryokupawaa Expert: Konohanasakuya-class are unique class of Shikigami, in that they have been imparted with the necessary skill and knowledge to utilize Juryokupawaa. They prove to be highly skilled practitioners, and are capable of performing nearly all of the known spells. However unlike most practitioners, they must use the incantation in order to cast any given spell and are unable to bypass this limitation. For this reason they are largely regulated to being support, though it is a role they are well suited for.

  • Isshin (一心, "One Mind"): Konohanasakuya-class Shikigami possess the ability to broadcast information of whatever they are currently seeing or experiencing. They are also able to see or experience anything any other Shikigami under the Onmyoji’s control is experincing as well. This ability allows them to synchronize his collective army of Shikigami, and provide instant and constant communication, similar to a hive mind. As they can remotely view any active Shikigami broadcast this information all Shikigami are generally aware of a threat, and are able to adapt accordingly, and overwhelm opponents who are otherwise much more powerful than they are. This power also lends itself in providing the Onmyoji all the informaton he could ever need, and allows him to coordinate group tactics.

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