Kurumu Kurono


Compliance Squad Leader



Combat Rank



Flight, Hypnosis

Transformation Class


Ethical Disposition

Not very far from human morality. Although she finds some behaviors and acts of restraint by humans strange, she generally dislikes violence, recognizes a right to property and happiness, and sees killing as a sad and barbaric, though sometimes necessary, act usually perpetrated by fanatics and stupid beasts.

Tsukune's other piece of eye candy, Kurumu takes her job and Tsukune's vision more seriously than most, and is generally considered more successful and capable than Moka, who she sees as a rival but also as a friend. After being soundly beaten by Ranma, she's also built up a sound (and surprisingly platonic) friendship with the pigtailed boy, who's come to see her as much more reliable and enjoyable company than Moka. Despite being a succubus, she seems quite reserved and innocent around anyone but Tsukune, who she's convinced will eventually crumble under her charms and devotion and make her his.

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