literally meaning

Blank Space

This trick uses the basic principles of the over road remove the air from around a target creating a vacuum. This power works by causing the air in the area to spiral at high speeds; this temporarily removes the air from the immediate area. This technique has many applications the most useful of which is that by simply thrusting an arm into another kings attack user can dissipate it with a vacuum. The techniques actual purpose in battle is much more sinister than suffocating an enemy within the vacuum. When a target is ensared within the vacuum orb the external preasure drops to 0. This dramatically reduces the boiling point of any present liquids within the orb. The main target of this technique is blood. When the boiling point of blood drops, it will instantly turn to gas from being boiled by the persons own body heat. This blood vapor will not have enough space within the blood vessels and explode outwards. This technique can be defeated by cutting oneself this allows the blood vapor to leave your body safely while you pass through the vacuum.

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