Kuusou Gugenka


Manifest Fantasy

Kuusou Gugenka is a type of Battle Aura created by Cologne that allows her to release enough energy to equal a perfect shishi hokoudan, or a Human Shaped Battle Aura without leaving her emotionally exhausted by cycling the excess ki back into her body rather than let it flow away. Once maintained, the resulting battle aura can only be described as prismatic and almost solid. 

Having such an aura surround the body allows Cologne to connect her will to nature, to interfere on probabilities, and to transfigure the surrounding world at will according to her vision of the world; literally bending reality to her whim. Cologne doesn’t rely on any one emotion as a crutch instead of her aura to an emotion, such as anger or depression it is perfectly balanced, expressing anger and outrage and confidence and depression all at once and she uses almost a hundred percent of her mental reserves.

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