Reinforcement is a technique with the purpose of pushing a basis to the utmost. It is the foundation of all Martial Arts that enhance the existence of the target by infuses Ki into it enhancing the object's physical properties beyond its normal abilities and tolerances. It is the same as adding something to an object that is already complete, in case of failure the target will receive it as a poison. Success requires a good grasp of the inner structure which is why warriors train to wield a weapon as if it were an extension of themselves and it is far easier to wield a weapon that has been in ones possession for a time then a new weapon. Reinforcing the purpose of existence would be increasing the sharpness of a sword, the nourishment of food, or in the case of a living creature, physical strength and durability. Martial artist train to reach the upper limits of human physical and mental ability and Reinforcement allows them to shatter those limits. It is impossible to reinforce something vague. As living things will resist invasion of foreign energy, reinforcing someone else is the hardest. This is why techniques such as energy absorption and elemental manipulation are so difficult and dangerous to master. By putting this in application, user is able to harden and stiffen a normally soft or pliable object, and make it as hard as, if not harder than, steel, make an object tougher, more difficult to damage, enhance the cutting properties present in an object, like a sword or similar object. User can also give an object with a normally blunt edge, a cutting edge, impart to an object increased power, or kinetic energy, when striking, to deal increased damage, or make an object behave in ways that it, normally, simply could not.

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