Kyūsho Iyashi ("Vital Point Healing") as the name implies, is a technique developed that allows one to heal a person's damaged body through the activation of their internal dormant energy using their own energy as a catalyst. The basics of Synchronization lies in medical purposes, by melding their aura with target user is able to heal them. The internal energy acts by healing the points in the body where the damage is most heavily concentrated. From there, the internal force spans outwards like a pool throughout the body, healing all other points of damage, until the entire body is healed to physical working order. The technique is noted to have a calming affect and has the ability to aid with regeneration and healing, even draining poison from an effected victim as well as purging them of madness. The downside to this technique is that melding ones aura with another person's is extremely difficult as it requires literally weeks trying to get ones ki as much like target as possible.

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