Kyle Tekai


Lieutenant Commander


Field Combat Specialist, Ballistics Support, Close Combat Specialist

Combat Ability

Very high. Since undergoing genetic manipulation at the hands of Yoshi Konta, Kyle has added superhuman levels of strength, stamina, and speed to his already effective combat skills. Although he lacks enough control and experience with these skills to reach Ranma's level of combat prowess, he is judged to be roughly equal in ability to one Rayden Shikodan. Unfortunately, his moronic behavior and short attention span continue to inhibit his fighting effectiveness.





Personal Motto

"I didn't do it!"

Inducted early on into the DAPC, it is widely surmised that Lieutenant Kyle Tekai has survived on sheer luck alone. While possessing better-than-average combat skills, Kyle has proven completely inept at battle planning and judging any given situation. Thus, through the miracle of the Japanese beaurocracy, plus his father being a top military leader, he was promoted and given responsibility for the lives of several other men and women. Recently, the DA's second in command was captured by Yoshi Konta and exposed to experimental technologies modified from the processes used to create super-soldiers such as Rayden. The experiments proved to be a success, but Yoshi then mistook Kyle's natural airheaded behavior to be a strange and unforseen side-effect of the mutation. In an effort to dispose of his failure, Konta sent Kyle on a suicide mission to eliminate Asuka Takami; a task that Kyle failed spectacularly.

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