Laminanium is an artificially created human ki-saturated iron instead of just pure elemental.

Overview Edit

The reason this metal is so rare is that it is created using the iron found in human blood because of this a great amount of blood is required in order to create enough metal of any significance after the iron has been extracted. That blood is then specially treated to allow the blending of so many different life forces.

Due to the fact that blood has a lot of life force this metal is exceptionally durable, able to withstand harsh punishment from both the mundane and the ethereal. However if the metal is damaged it is able to reform itself. This ability comes from the ki saturated into the iron making it semi organic and is capable of bringing the metal back to its original condition no matter how severe the damage is. However the metal gets weaker every time it regenerates because that power comes from the ki which gets consumed. When all the ki is gone the metal becomes simple iron.

Offensively weapons created from this metal are quite strong, able to cut through almost anything. Furthermore; because of the ki saturated in it they are capable of acting as a focus. Through synchronization the weapon absorbs the wielders ki characteristics and exhibits power based on wielder’s technique.

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