Lightning Dribble is the main offensive technique of Martial Arts Basketball. Dribbling is essential in Basketbal and the player’s control is of such high level, that he actually presses the ball downwards with force enough for it to explode perfectly into a quick cross-over. Because he slams the ball so fiercely onto the ground, it becomes too fast for eyes to follow, making it very hard to steal. If the ball has reached its top speed, it's as if the ball has disappeared. It's also shown the noise his dribble made is loud enough to be heard by spectators that covered their ears. This level of control it what makes this technique so powerful as its ricochet is fast and dangerous. Player’s can bounce it off of surfaces and it is tough enough that it can pierce through wood and metal. Only those who have mastered the Emporer Eye can utilize this technique offensively as only it will allow them to calculate the trajectories of the ball perfectly.

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