Also known as subspace this is a between matter realm that shapes itself in accordance with your will and imagination. The illusions it grates are only figments of your perception. This is a transitional dimension It's kind of like a reflection of the world we know, only it's made up of the residual energies that go into maintaining the physical world. The only real substance here is energy, but it's made up of raw Ectoplasm, or Akashic matter, which is really malleable stuff and easy to shape if you've got a strong enough imagination. According to the theory the rules of physics work different here than what we're used to. For one thing, time's a funny concept that either stretches or contracts depending on your perspective. If you had a watch and walked around a bit while somebody else kept another watch separately, when the two of you link up again you'd find that the two watches didn't agree with one another. I don't really understand why that is, but a minute here could be as long as a day back in the real world, or days here could be only seconds back home

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