Lona Inverse is the mother of Lina and Luna Inverse. She is an ex-Sorceress and owns a grocery store in Zephilla.


Lona Inverse a woman with plenty of passion and a mind as sharp as a sword. She is often depicted as nagging overprotective but fundamentally well-meaning woman. While it cannot disputed her worry comes about rather violently. As seen when after a week of no contact she attacked Enma the moment he arrived she attacked him demanding to know what he had been doing that he couldn’t write her. Lona’s years of skill and experience is what has made her store the main shop in Zephillia. It this reason she has taken a sort of nonchalant attitude with her costumers. Most listened to her advise on what to get and what they should know beforehand. So she didn’t consider it her problem if the ones that didn’t were killed.


Lona is a powerful sorceress all on her own to the point that she is able to perform extremely powerful spells without having to call upon chaos words. Also thanks to training from her husband and co-wife she is also a skilled combatant.


Despite the little prank Lina pulled, both daughters are near and dear to Lona’s heart. Despite the fact the Lina seems unable to pick up a piece of paper and write to her dear sweet mother. And despite the fact Luna adopted a half-troll, half-beastman and named him Spot, as well as yet to show any romantic prospects for the future.

Lona met Enma back when she was a beginning sorceress not yet aware that he was the Jade Dragon and thought he was nothing more than a common adventurer. Instantly smitten Lona refused to take no or an answer until Aratakira  arrived to visit him at a city near the eastern coast.

Lona and Aratakira are extremely close not only was it them who agreed to be co-wives but they constantly training each other in new skills.

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