The rules are simple. It's just like regular basketball. EXCEPT, that each player gets his own ball. Players all make a mad dash to the other side of the court, and try to score points by landing the ball into the special hoops. Yes. Because each player tries to score by himself, defense is quick and clean. Players attack and try to disable their opponents as they pass by to shoot their own points Any time a ball is knocked out of an opponent's hand, players who have already scored points or lost their own starting ball can pick it up and try for more points. Sissy rules like fouls and boundary limits do not apply. The game ends when there are no more balls in play, or when one entire team is rendered unconscious. At that point, the total number of balls in each teams' basket is tallied, and the one with the most wins, regardless of whose team was knocked out. Weapons if you want 'em! And remember, you'll need one hand to dribble.

Basketball hoop

Martial arts basketball hoops are a lot longer than normal, and the bottoms are tied shut.

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