Madness Release
Madness release





While the Spiritual Affinity Arts was created by Ranma its true power is shown by Ryoga. While Ryoga is a ball of rage he still has nothing on Ranma. While Ranma get annoyed he rarely gets angry but when he does he’s frightening. Take for instance the Koi Rod arc Ranma’s jealous was the only time I can remember Ryoga being afraid heck he even begged. Ranma’s rage is explosively powerful but peters out pretty fast. While Ryoga’s Rage is like a raging fire that feeds on any fuel around to keep going.  So Ranma would either create the art of rage if someone tries to control him or the art of fear if they let nature take its course. He’ll go through the motions and then never use it again. But when Ryoga because of his personality he completely loses control of it. This could lead to another beaten from Starfire or Cologne or Ranma for doing something he was expressly forbidden to do.

This technique is created to save Ryoga from himself after he learned the art of rage. It is a technique characterized by the selective integration and application of a finite and limited quantity of the dangerous condition of the art of Spiritual Affinity into a person's respective soul, altering the quality of their being ordinarily emitted to contain instead the intended and permitted amount of insanity in addition. Undertaking this perilous process allows the user to manipulate the advantageous power-inducing attribute displayed by the art itself, granting them access to superhuman levels of physical prowess and their typical abilities. The madness in them is strong enough to even change their appearance.

Although the technique utilizes Spiritual Affinity and become, in a sense, 'insane,' they do not completely lose their sanity as they have a firm conviction that prevents them from doing so.  However, this technique does not come without risk, as the capability poses the significant potential of resulting in the individual becoming consumed by the very emotion they desire to exploit, losing themselves in the depths of anger, fear, ect and committing atrocities they would never normally consider. Certain steps can be undertaken to reduce or even negate this threat, such as the prior exposure and subsequent conquering of ones emotions on a prior occasion. Thus Ryoga gains a superpower

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