Magic Calculation (マジックカリキュレーション Majikku Karikureshon in Japanese) is a Caster-Type Magic that combines elements of Amaterasu and Rune Magic allowing the mage to user a pre-defined magical formula or program that shapes (links) mana into a specific form.


Acts as a 'place maker' for placing the exact coordinates of an even more complex magical spell. Each use of magic requires complex energy computations to achieve the desired effects.

The purpose of Magic Calculation is to simplify casting magic by preparing and storing common formulas beforehand, so they can be used on short notice, e.g. in combat.

This is where the similarities to Amaterasu and Rune Magic come in as the magic is calculated through a visible manifestation of magical energy being collected by a mage to cast a spell. This Magic circle as it is known as is composed of intangible light and depending on the amount of energy released, the circle may spin faster or slower. The shape of the magic circle is determined by the particular spell and type of magic being cast.

The basis of all magic lies in being able to ascertain the flow of energy used in a spell. The more skilled and experienced the mage is the faster they are able to unleash said spell. Magic Calculation essentially eliminates the need to isolate the flow of the energies of the world and manipulate them and the magic circles are basically the visual representation of said manipulation.[1]

A major advantage of using spells is the possibility to teach them to others (although the more complex the spell the harder it is to perform). When a mage teaches a spell to another, the latter will often adapt it to their existing methods instead of copying them verbatim.

While Magic Calculation can help less experience mages it is not a substitute for skill and ability. It is just a place maker that automatically manipulates the mages released energy so that they don’t have to. Furthermore it can only be used with spells that the mage has actually witnessed but haven’t fully mastered yet. A place maker can’t be placed on spells read in a archive. So if the mage has never seen the spell they are trying to perform of if they don’t have the ability to perform it Magic Calculation will not work.

The form of a mage's magic circle is determined by the type magic he or she is using


Magic Calculation is usually used by mages who haven’t fully mastered the manipulation of energy to performed spells. However adapts or higher sometimes use it to save time in combat.

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