300px-Magic Spear, Ten Commandments

Magic Spear: Ten Commandments (魔鎗 テン・コマンドメンツ Masō: Ten Komandomentsu) is a extremely versatile zanpakuto.

Shikai: Activated by the command "Switch" (転向', Tenkō).

Shikai Special Ability: Komandomentsu is a spear type Zanpakuto, that is able to change its form, providing wielder with 10 kinds of magic that the spear provides. (If you count Blue Crimson as 2 spears that makes 10.) Each spear has its own special ability.

Velocity Spear, Silfarion ('
音速の鎗 'シルファリオンOnsoku no Yari, Shirufarion): A spear with a triangular, arrowhead-like spearhead. it It increases wielder's speed dramatically. This spear also improves the jumping power of the user.[1]

'Vacuum Spear, Mel Force ('真空の鎗 'メル・フォース' Shinkū no
Mel Force
Yari, Meru Fōsu
A spear with a wide spearhead with the edges on the side curving inwards close to where the spearhead is mounted, and a glowing orb connecting to the shaft. The special feature of this spear enables the wielder to send a vacuum wave to attack the enemy.[1]

Explosion Spear, Explosion ('爆発の鎗 'エクスプロージョン
Bakuhatsu no Yari, Ekusupurōjon
It's a triangle-shaped blade with a simple ornaments on it. As the name suggests spear creates an explosion around the point where the spear hits. The explosion does not damage the wielder of the spear.[1]

Cannon-Spear Form: the basic and the cannon form are quite similar
20.png nkvfhbh
with the cannon form gaining a long barrel. This spear is able to blast shots of energy that can pierce through objects and foes.

'Gravity Spear, Gravity Core ('重力の鎗 'グラビティ・コ' Jūryoku no Yari, Gurabiti Koa): It's a dark, irregular blade, with a round base and white ornament on it. This spear unleashes an orb of strong gravity.[1]

'Double Dragon Spear, Blue Crimson ( '双竜の鎗 'ブルー・クリムソン' Sōryū no Yari, Burū Kurimuson ): They are twin spears - one is blue, another red. Power of ice and fire is cumulated on their heads.[1]

'Sealing Spear, Rune Save ('封印の鎗 'ルーン・セイブ' Fūin no Yari, Rūnseibu): It is white and gold colored and it's head glow on yellow, while in use. The spear is able to cut through opponent’s ki.

'Saint Spear, Ravelt ('聖鎗 'レイヴェルト' Sēsō, Reiveruto): It has a silver blade, with a gold element in its
06.png jb jb
basal part. It's also inlaid by a red crystal. The strongest form of the Ten Commandments. Its power is strong enough to shake the world with a single hit.

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