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Have that certain feeling about them that pulls on the force lines that surround them the way a lodestone does with iron fillings. You have to be trained in reading energy flow and auras to understand it. The fact that a mage stands out like a torch in a fog bank when compared with ordinary mortals they don’t just live and breath magic they embody it and power is in their very being. They study ancient wisdom for the sake of acquiring the power to shape the heavens.


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An Archmage, is a title far above that of any mere Magician. In point of fact there are only twelve of them in all on this planet, ­members of a ruling elite of very powerful adepts who govern over the forces of both nature and the Supernatural, providing balance of same while protecting the world against the forces of the Ultimate Darkness. They are a special breed and rare among mages being the best or the worst of their kind not mere conjurers and tricksters. The Sorcerer Supreme who alone is their immediate superior


A wizard trains himself to become a power unto himself to tap directly into the forces that govern all reality and to channel them in accordance with
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desire and need. A Wizard is a form of Mage, period...but the original root of the word is, "Wise Man." In that sense they do come close to resembling Lore Masters...but a Lore Master is one who has developed the ability to "listen in" to the forces of the cosmos...both knowledge and power for them are intuitive, while with Mages it is instinctive...

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