Maiya Kokuchouin
Maiya Kokuchouin

is the oldest sister of Yohan Kokuchouin and younger of Yuri Kokuchouin at the Kokuchouin Clan.

Background Edit

In the Kokuchouin clan, the children that are born after sunrise are buried alive. She had a twin sister that was born before dawn, but she wasn't born until the morning; so she was buried. Even though she was buried, she didn't stop crying. Eventually, the family tired of the crying so they tried to kill her, sending an arrow towards her burial mound; but a strong wind blew the arrow off course, and right into Maiya's sister, the girl that was supposed to be raised by her family. That's why her family named her Maiya, meaning the "Whirling Arrow".

Abilities Edit

Though weaker then Yohan Maiya is a master of the Ura Fuuchouin Style. Like Kazuki she uses bells as her medium. However she uses 4 of them which quadruplies the number and power of strings. She specializes In the String Puppet Technique.

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