The Mark V Integrated Artificial Psionic Amplification Unit is an advanced model of the Psi-Amp creating using reports of the Green Lantern Corpse Ring given by Juliet and India Squads as a basis.

While the Mark IV was an intricate tool that allows X-COM soldiers to access and make use of the same psionic powers that are available to Ethereals and high ranking Sectoids. The Mark V is like a hammer focuses more on raw power. The device connects to the soldiers limbic system granting it the ability to amplify their attack and defense impulses, converting emotional thought patterns into telekinetic force itself manifest it into raw and devastating physical power.

The Soldier's mental conditions act as a key to initializing the Mark V Psi-Amp. The device is then operated directly by the soldier's mental imaging, its powers manifesting directly in accordance with what is envisioned. A very strong mental image is required, and as a result the most commonly observed and basic manifestation is an instinctive defense field. While soldier’s who have completed basic training in the esoteric arts have been shown to have phenomenal lifting strength and load-bearing abilities, their limbs coming under none of the normal strain of such weight and such objects do not crumble when carried. Furthermore, extremely high-recoil and normally turret-fixed weapons afford no such problems even though powerful muscles would afford little help without a strong footing. In the offensive form, soldier’s have been observed to exhibit immense kinetic force against a target, recreating the damage of shaped explosive or a directed shockwave.

Like with the esoteric arts the magnitude of manifestation seems to be directly related to the willpower behind the Mark V Psi-Amp. Creating the illusion of the device 'converting' the willpower of the operator into a directed Telekinetic force.

When used by a skilled martial artist such as one of the soldiers in either Juliet, India, or Romeo squad the device seems to act as a focusing agent multiplying the strength of their psychic and esoteric abilities as well as their body’s ability to handle handle it granting them Immense power on par with a Trencard.

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