The greatest creation of the Kimen School of Martial Arts Calligraphy a Mark that gives its bearer the power of a God.

Description Edit

It uses its goofy-looking form to tap into a ki energy center below the belly button and vastly increase the bearer's strength, speed and skill. These special markings, being that they are tied to the user's own ki energy, are thusly impossible to remove through conventional techniques. The seal requires a focused state of mind to perform as if improperly applied the seal could have potentially devastating results, such as cripple bearer.

The technique is taboo for a reason not because of the seals danger, but because it encourages spiritual apathy and decay. However, the man or woman who uses this tattoo will be bound to it. Physically, they may become the strongest and fastest martial artist alive, but spiritually, they will be empty. This strength, potent as it may be, is false and hollow to the core. It is a short cut that provides power now and nothing later.

Overview Edit

The Kimen school uses an amalgam of many different arts such as Yangqin Hooks and inverted Pecking Slants on the sides act as focusing points for the abdominal chakra points. These three points create a triangular nexus around the Manipura.

The mark uses a similar principle to Tsewang to redirect energy from the Muladhara and Svadisthana to the sides  to isolate yin and yang around the Manipura maintaining a yin/yang state. However while Tsewang uses circles this Mark is designed around an ellipse.

It resembled something called a 'two body rotation' with two equal masses orbiting a common point. That point, a barycenter or center of mass, is right on top of the Manipura. The Mark converts yin and yang from the typical circular motion into a two body rotation around the Manipura chakra point.

This is the reason Shigenosuke was rejected by his school and called a heretic. It isn't just his techniques. It was generally accepted within the village's martial art tradition that the rotation of yin and yang within the body, generated at different chakra points, produced usable qi (or ki). It was like a dynamo, or for a less technical example, it was akin to a crank. The perfect rotation of the two opposing forces (the yin and yang) turned the crank (representing the balance of the chakra points), producing a force that could then be used (the ki). This was generally thought to be like two circles moving around a central point.

However the fact that the Mark works shows that the elliptical circulation of energy around a point may well be the more efficient state. It may even be the natural state of circulation in the body. The entire philosophy of circular generation of ki could be wrong. Unfortunately for Shigenosuke the circular generation of ki has been with us for three thousand years. So it couldn’t be wrong.

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