It's a hard form that emphasizes personal defense and unbalancing or immobilizing your opponent. It was invented in the late Tokugawa period by yakuza who needed a way to take and hold land when they weren't allowed to carry weapons openly. Where it's still practiced, it's by mostly the same sort of people, in areas where the cops keep a close lookout for guns and whatnot. while the style is incredibly powerful its attack forms are pretty slow. Against most serious opponents, they're just too slow to be useful, the braces are the most useful move in the style, because they let you take a hit without moving when you need to. It's a good form for taking down unskilled opponents without hurting them, though.

Iron Rock Spikes: User makes an open-palm strike, and the stone in front of him cracks and heaves upwards in a line of spikes about four centimeters wide that immobilize his opponent.

Kitei Toosenbou (Stand Your Ground): the ground under users cracks, then clamps around their feet and lower leg. thi technique anchors uer to the ground, preventing opponents from forcibly moving them. this technique can also be used on opponents preventing them from moving.

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