'Material High' lets user create nearly invisible solid material by super compressing the air to makes shapes such as circles, cubes and cylinders. The shapes he makes can be hollow, solid, or a combination between them where it is hollow in the center, but solid through the rest of the shape. He uses the last for shields and cages to hold enemies. Skilled users can use Material High to set traps.

Fall Down

This techniques basic form is a giant sphere with 3 times the high density making it extremely heavy that is sent crashing down on opponent with its weight to flatten them. Its advanced form simply changes the sphere to a large rectangular block covering more ground. The Fall Down also has a trap version as 5 diamond pillars around the opponent to which user creates bolts to Seal his opponent inside.

Full Arm

User creates multiple triangles with the strongest density to from a multiple layer barrier with the strength to hold off all brute force attacks, but it's weakness is in cutting attacks.

Full Armour

A cube version of Full Arm which is but with only one layer making it far weaker but is covers more ground and works well on flat areas.

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