K-type genetic weapon

Gene module



Heavy combat soldier


Deployed one at a time or in small groups, as having several maulers together often slows them down as they crowd each other going for th same target. Usually deployed alongside smaller units

Primary Weapon/Ability

Three-fingered heavy claws capable of puncturing a 1/2 inch of steel armor plating

Secondary Weapon/Ability

Scientists in the cybernetic divisions have toyed with the idea of equipping maulers with heavy ranged weapons, but no standard armament has been developed

Created as the first of the true "warbeasts" of the Angels' army, the maulers are the first generation of mutants capable of engaging multiple hostiles by itself and sustain significant damage from firearms without its body failing. Resembling gigantic, faceless, muscle-bound humanoids, these monsters' hides are nearly impervious to normal small arms fire. Anti-armor weapons and armor-piercing munitions are its weaknesses.

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