Psyren v09 c78 - 001

A massive black sphere that reacts to PSI based off emotions. This technique creates a concentrated ball of pure Burst energy. This ability seeks out any PSI energy in the area and completely absorbs it. It also eradicates any physical matter it touches. Once it absorbs enough PSI energy, it breaks down and starts to attack indiscriminately, shooting tree-like branches at all people who are using PSI you can stop the attack but stoping your PSI. While powerful, it tax's a lot on the mind

Melchsee's Lance

User creates a condensed sphere and releases it, relying on the indiscriminate targeting of "Melchsee's Door" to track down the oppoents PSI energy. Because the sphere is small, it gains enormous speed but loses a lot of power, which also is less taxing on user's mind but is still powerful enough to go thought a human body. User can move the ball in any direction, or stop it, as long as it is a part of his program. When the small black sphere is tracking PSI energy, it moves extremely quickly and leaves a trail of itself along its path that can be used to slice oppoents by turning the sphere. This trail makes the Burst energy resemble a lance, hence the name.

Melchsee's Disc

By setting a program for Melchsee's Door to stay put in front of him and limiting its PSI tracking to 5 meters, user creates two discs that absorb any PSI attacks that are directed toward him and can be used for close range offensive attacks and be used defensively too. Unfortunately, when the discs absorb enough PSI energy, it activates Melchsee's Door's basic feature which attacks all PSI energy indiscriminately. User has to forcibly stop the attack to keep it from killing his opponent, which greatly fatigues his mind but this can be fixed with training.

Melchsee's Vortex

This can be used offensively in two ways but is mosty used defensively. User creates condensed spheres, each linked together with a line, allowing for greater control which forms a semi-sphere around him and absorbs all PSI attacks. When used offensively, user can change at his opponent with "Melchsee's Vortex" around him.

Ring Release, Attack Mode: Splash

This is the first offensive use of "Melchsee's Vortex".In the attack mode, user breaks the chains linking the spheres and releases the spheres, causing them to splash around targeting PSI sources. This move is Similar to "Melchsee's Lance" but this move has a greater number of sphere's, making the attack harder to evade.

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