Meld are a type of technology used by XCOM to modify the DNA structure and to manipulate a body from the inside

XCOM Database Edit

Certain alien operations involve canisters containing this mysterious substance. Recovering it is a priority; it provides access to powerful technologies. The canisters will self-destruct if not recovered in a timely manner. They can also be destroyed by routine battle damage.

History Edit

Meld was a type of nanotechnology that was developed by the alien forces. During the invasion of Earth, the alien forces for reasons unknown deployed canisters of this substance and littered them at random sites in human populated regions. It was believed by the staff at the Anthill that this was a possible experiment conducted by the aliens. Some believed that it was perhaps even a weapon but it was determined that further analysis of it was needed in order to determine its applications. Following the recovery by Extraterrestrial Combat Unit, the material was determined to hold great technological potential for mankind. It was called Meld by the chief scientist and engineer of the facility where it was determined to contain the ability to create cybernetic implants along with genetic modifications. Despite this potential, it was believed that the aliens had a much greater understanding of Meld and could exploit it to its full capabilities.

Description Edit

This alien substance is a suspension that is filled with billions of cybernetic nanomachines with these nanites containing both organic as well as mechanical components. It is designed to combine different organic materials with one another, or to interface both organic and mechanical elements

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