A specialize variation of the Bakusai Tenketsu that works on metal and substances with metal-like properties. Metal Fatigue Fist breaks down metal at an atomic level essentially disintegrating it. The technique relies on incredibly careful application of power. Too much would just violently burn out the lattice work, generating an effect visually similar to the rapid oxidation caused by a cutting torch.

Smelting Point and Melting Fatigue Fist Edit

The difference between the two lies in the very nature of their development. The Smelting Point was developed for two things, to enhance user’s options in close combat and to manipulate the battlefield. While the Metal Fatigue Fist was develop to defeat difficult defenses and to provide openings, rather than directly cause damage. In a broad sense the Metal Fatigue Fist is used to 'support' while the Smelting Point is used to 'maneuver.'

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