Mia Tokima




Head general of Japanese internal army, Master strategist, Deployment and operations commander, Supreme field commander

Combat Ability

Fairly high. Trained in multiple martial arts and weapon types, from knife-fighting to ballistics support.





Favored assistant of John Remerick and the #1 most-sought-after babe in the military offices, Mia has excelled in every endeavor she's undertaken to make her way to the top of the military hierarchy, and left her male co-workers in the dust (a source of much personal pride). Though John is competent enough as to remove any possibility of her making general, she is fully mollified with her current position and has become good friends with the American, inadvertantly becoming his most trusted assistant. Despite the obvious questions this brings about, she has remained adamant that their relationship is purely platonic, if not proffessional. Not satisfied with pushing papers around, she has taken it upon herself on several occasions to personally take to the field and help out. The only thing that she considers a bad mark on her career is her promotion alongside Umezeki Tekai.

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